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Social Media as we all know today is one of the most powerful tools and can reach a massive audience in just minutes. Marketers are Brand managers are trying everyday to find the best way to raise brand awareness while using this medium, yet here two young girls did just that and for what? To get a puppy. Mashable wrote how the girls posted a pic and if they could get 1million likes on the picture they posted than they could get a puppy. Within hours the deed was done and the father had to live up to his nationally noticed promise and get the family a new dog.

Research shows that pictures and videos tend to share the best and go viral the quickest. You never can tell what will eventually take on the viral world but you can equip yourself with what seems to work. Yet it seems that people can see branding from a mile away so crossing that bridge and not seeming like solicitation is still a tricky balancing act.