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Creating a huge wave for the world’s largest aquarium, with new events and programs a constant focus with this breathtaking facility. Creating artwork to match was an honorable task to take on. The aquarium and art is full of life as the aquatic world within.

Aqua Vino

is an annual wine tasting event. The design was an abstract creation of a wine bottle that held several elements that represent the aquarium as a whole, the many elements within the bottle not only included waves but different animals that are present throughout the organization.

HYATT Posters

These posters sat within the halls of the HYATT hotel in downtown Atlanta. The large imagery engaged the viewer and created a sense of what the attraction was all about.

Christmas Card

The card was sent out to annual access card holders that contained a fold out calendar inside. The calendar allowed the customers to see what types of events would occur throughout the year.

Annual Pass ad

This was an advertisement that was presented as a web banner, magazine ad, and outdoor signage. They wanted entice the viewer into both feeling the emotion that the aquarium can bring and display that they can get that feeling anytime they want, with an annual pass


**The artwork was created for Studio101 and their client was The Georgia Aquarium