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33 of the most creative women

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

As a female designer it is always inspiring to see others climbing the latter of recognition for their amazing ability to come up with some of the most creative advertising. Business Insider wrote an article recently highlighting the top 33 and it is no surprise that these women are fixtures in some of the most well renowned agencies such as; BBDO, Leo...

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The Power of Social Media

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

  Social Media as we all know today is one of the most powerful tools and can reach a massive audience in just minutes. Marketers are Brand managers are trying everyday to find the best way to raise brand awareness while using this medium, yet here two young girls did just that and for what? To get a puppy. Mashable wrote how the girls posted a pic...

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Instagram’s 90 Million Active Users

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Well who isn’t an instagram fanatic!? As soon as we heard about instagram our love for taking pictures flourished  its not surprised to see that more and more people are becoming fans of this awesome app, 90 million no less as revealed on Thursday to AllThingD. I have downloaded several other photo filter apps and non seem to compare to Instagram...

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Social Media and the Workplace

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

JPR blog raised an interested topic this week about social media in the workplace and a policy provided around it. But while there are many negatives about employees socializing via online media forms during working hours such as hindering productivity and possible reputation damage as some tend to vent there frustrations openly, it can also be helpful....

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